RivCo Manufacturers & Exporters Association

Formation of the Riverside County Manufacturers & Exporters Association

Exporting their way to success

The Riverside County Manufacturers & Exporters Association (RCMEA) is in the process of formation as an association that means to increase exporting companies in Riverside County. The new association continues to work on its formation as well as meet in order to increase its promotion of manufacturing and exporting. This support also allows business people throughout the county to join and gain leadership experience from others who have already launched their exportation of goods and services. The association helps manufacturers to network, address state and national issues affecting manufacturers, educate themselves on exporting and trade, as well as explore additional benefits such as workman compensation insurance rates. The exploration of foreign trade through the association can help businesses in Riverside County continue to grow, as Roy Paulson Chairman of the Board for RCMEA said, “Why not participate in the growth occurring in other parts of the world? We can help you make money.”

Contact Info for RCMEA:

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